Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chinese encounters

It's been a while since I had a notable encounter with any Chinese people.
Correction, it had been a while. 
Up until yesterday.

The phone rings whilst I'm at work.
(I have no idea why this family has so many people cold calling them all the time, 
but they have at least two a day.
I wish that all of them were Chinese people.)

Me: Hell-o
Chinese lady: Herro
Me: Hello.
Chinese lady: Oh, herro.
Is this Mrs M-C-I-L-R-O-Y?
(At this point I'm smirking to myself and wondering if she spells out everyone's name over the phone or if she just couldn't pronounce this one.)
Me: McIlroy?
Erm, no. She's at work. 
Chinese lady: Are you fam-i-ly member?
Me: No, sorry.
Chinese lady: Ho-k.
 Are you just a close friend then?
Me: Ermmm...I'm just the nanny actually.
Chinese lady: .........Ho-k. Thank you very much.

Dial tone. 

I have absolutely no idea if asking me if I was a close friend was part of her script o if she just wanted to settle her own curiosity, 
but I was smiling as I hung up the phone.

I love me some Chinese people.

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