Tuesday, 6 September 2011

This is how we roll

Sometimes we have family parties.

Always they involve cups of tea for the older members of la famille, 
trampoline bouncing, that may or may not encourage younger members of the fam to pretend that they can fly, 
excellent desserts that I will inevitably eat too many of and end up with a food baby, 
 and some kind of celebratory singing.
(Happy Birthday Chlo!)

On Saturday we had a family party and for the first time ever, ever in our entire family history, we had a pinata.
It's day later now and I'm still left shrugging my shoulders and asking myself why we have never had one before.
Such hilarity.

The babe of the family Natalie took to beating the floor and nearly injured a few people and other members of the family swung the rolling pin so furiously that I think if they'd have been sent to London during the riots they'd have sent the rioters home crying.
I have was the first one to make that poor pinata share its treasure.
(I'm quite proud of that fact.)

Plus, it has sweets as a guaranteed outcome.

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