Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday notes

Dear Old Man & Old Lady, 
It's been pretty sunny today, so I was feeling warm anyway, but seeing you two together warmed my heart too. Sorry if it was inappropriate of me to take a picture of the two of you, but you reminded me of my grandparents and that was precious.
A heart warmed passerbyer
PS. Were you not too hot in your jumper old man? Just wondering.

Dearest darlingest Momsie & Popsical, 
That's a reference to Wicked by the way. You know, the musical. Just letting you know that Ross & I booked tickets yesterday to go and see it in December, so that you can be adequately jealous. I know that you will be.
Lots of love, 
Your daughter that is not ashamed to rub my good fortune in your face

Dear late September weather, 
You have been so pleasant the last few days. You even encouraged me to take a walk today, and if you knew the size of the hill I have to climb to get to park, you would know how much of a big deal that is. Anyways, I'm grateful for your late visit. Stay a little longer if you like. You're definitely welcome.
A lightly sun kissed friend

Dear Greece
We will keep hold of your weather while you try to sort out your Euro crisis. We know, we know, we're doing you a favour - the sun would only distract you, and you have some important decisions to make. You can thank us later.
Good luck, 
A sunny England

Dear Annie, Katie, Grays, & Sally, 
I miss living with you, my friends. I wish that I could still call you my housies. Do any of you want to go to Red Hot Buffet next week, for a night of catching up and over eating? (Sounds like perfection, no?)
Kisses and hugs, 
Your nostalgic friend.
PS. CHLOE, this offer extends to you too!

Dear blog friends, 
Thank you for being here today (name that film)! I appreciate you very much.

Hugs & kisses to all involved!

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