Friday, 9 September 2011

Jokes jokes

Before I even write this post, let me first apologise - 
I feel like I have become a bit of a Mommy blogger and I don't even have any children.
But that's what looking after two nippers will do to you.
Especially when they crack you up on a daily basis.

Amy: Becky, do you know any funny jokes?
Me: Erm...what's orange and sounds like a parrot?
(That one is a personal favourite of mine!)
Amy: A carrot?
Me: Yes, a carrot. 
Because carrots are orange and carrot rhymes with parrot.
If a joke needs explaining, it quickly loses its funny.
Saying that, she is only 5.
Amy: I know one.
What did the Mummy chimney say to the baby chimney?
Becky! Your meant to say you don't know!
Me: Oh. Sorry. 
What did the Mummy chimney say to the baby chimney?
Amy: Your too young to smoke missy!

And then she manically laughed for a straight minute.

I did too.
Not because of the joke, which admittedly wasn't bad for a 5 year old, but because she said the entire joke in a cheesy American accent.

When I asked her why, she didn't even know that she'd done it.

And when I thought back to when I overheard her playing in her bedroom - the time she fell over the baby squirrel no less, that was in an American accent too.

That girl watches too much iCarly!

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