Thursday, 29 September 2011

From Morocco, with love

Even though a photo is sometimes sufficient enough to help you capture a moment and remember it forever, that was not the case with Morocco.
The dry heat, the aromatic fragrance of the spices, the shapes, the colours, the patterns, the constant hum of noise, the toothless grins and the bartering.
Oh, the bartering. 
People are on you all.the.time.
Putting things round your neck, drapping things over your wrists, saying "give me five euros for this bracelet. It's beautiful, for a beautiful girl. It's the hand of Fatima, very lucky."
Ross bought a fez hat. The camel man that sold it to him wanted €50 at first...he eventually settled for €5. 
Unbelievable. I couldn't make this stuff up. 

Well, there are enough pictures for me to only use minimal words, but first, two points. 
1). The picture of Chlo & Jared with the camel absolutely cracks me up.
The camel is definitely getting in on the cheesy grin action.
2). That picture of Ross, the one on the left, oh be still my heart.
What a stud.

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