Monday, 19 September 2011

Espana in moving pictures

You may or may not have 
(I'll be realistic and go for the latter) 
noticed that I've been on holiday for the last week.
I enjoyed the Spanish sun 
(and the African sun for one day as a matter of fact)
 for an entire week and loved every minute.
There was lots of time around the pool, 
time spent exploring the gorgeous white streets of the little Spanish towns, 
time getting lost up a very large mountain, 
time eating tapas, 
time drinking peach juice
and time just generally loving life.

I have a few stories to tell you and even more pictures than that, 
but to start with, 
here is a little video. 
Enjoy *mis amigos.

*I spent a week in Spain and now think that I can speak Spanish.
In reality, I can not.


  1. Spain looks amazing!! What a cute video too! xoxo

  2. Becky - I absolutely love this I laughed so much and put it all together beautifully. :) Thanks for making my day a bit smilier :D