Friday, 21 October 2011

Return of the happys

Here are some of my happys from this week.

1. The sense of achievement and satisfaction I felt when I handed in my dissertation proposal three weeks early! BOOM.

2. The greater sense of achievement and satisfaction I felt from handing in another assignment the day afterwards.
You better believe I've had a very productive week.
I now plan on doing absolutely nothing university related this weekend.

3. Singing old school Kelly Clarkson songs at the top of my voice and thinking that I sound exactly like her.
Yes, I know that I am seriously deluded, in reality I sound nothing (and I mean nothing) like her, but in the moment of getting lost in the power ballads of the early 2000s, I am her voice twin. 

4. Finding a new recipe for butternut squash soup that is SO good I made it twice in one week.

5. My hair finally being long enough to tie in a knot again.
(I am rejoicing so much at this fact! Why did I ever cut my hair short?!)

6. Lipstick. 
Just in general.

7.  Finally mastering Harvard Referencing.
After four years I'm finally getting it.

8. Sleeping in until 10am today.

9. Watching over and over one specific clip of Cam from Modern Family.
He is by far my favourite character.
Surprisingly, he's not gay in real life?!

10. Dinners with friends.
I don't need to justify adding this to my list.
I mean, come and friends?

1 comment:

  1. I big, fat, serious congrats on finishing your dissertation proposal! That's amazing! 

    I also realized this week that my hair is finally getting longer again! Approximately once a week I moan to Scott "Why did you ever let me cut my hair?!?!" I'm just hoping I am drilling it into his head enough that when I want to cut my hair again (Probably in 4 years when I have little kids who keep pulling it) he will remind me I will hate myself for doing so. 

    Have a fun/relaxing weekend!