Thursday, 20 October 2011

Five year old with faith

I've told you before that the little girl that I look after talks about God a lot.
(Remember when she thought God's favourite song was probably Lady Gaga?)
Well, recently she's been bashing out some pretty special pictures.
They're only your standard Mummy, Daddy, Amy & Jake pictures over and over again, but recently there's been a new addition to the family too.

Amy: Becky! Look at all of these pictures that I've drawn.
Me: Yeah, they're great. I can see Mummy, Daddy, you and Jake.
Well done Amy!

*I notice the additional character drawn in orange in the sky.
He's there in every single picture, 
always in orange and always with a big cross over it, 
like she's made a mistake.

Me: Who's this person in the sky? 
Amy: *Looks at me like I'm stupid.*
Errr Becky, it's Jesus.
Don't you know that?
Me: But why have you crossed him out?
Amy: I haven't crossed him out, that's him on the cross.
You know? Where he died.
Me: Oh, ok.
Why is he in the sky?
Amy: Because from up there he can watch over me and family 
and make sure that we're all alright 
and he can keep us safe too.

How lovely is that?
Ohh, melts my heart!

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