Thursday, 6 October 2011


Every year in Leeds, the two universities have a random day that is dedicated to competitive sports.
I know little to nothing of these things, but apparently it's the biggest student sporting event in England.
Sounds like a big deal, huh?
It was also apparently a big deal that I had got through right until my last year of university without ever having gone to the big varsity rugby match. 
So basically just to say that I'd done it (talk about peer pressure) I bought tickets for me & Ross and went with some of my Frenchies last night.

It was quite the experience.

Let me jump back in time to varsity night two years ago.
I lived in a student house right behind the rugby stadium and completely oblivious to the match decided to drive to a friend's house on the other side of the stadium.
I started my journey just as everyone was piling out of the stadium and onto the streets after the match has finished.
And when I say 'everyone', there were 10,000 students there that night, so the street was absolutely rammed.
10,000 students that were all feeling pretty merry and probably a little bit drunk.
So because I literally couldn't drive because the road was crammed with people, I locked my doors and just inched forward when I could.
Well, several people tried getting in the car with me, which was traumatic enough, but there was also one severely more traumatising occurrence that should have told me what to expect last night. 
I'd been sat on this street getting nowhere for about five minutes when a group of lads stopped literally an inch from the bonnet of my car.
One of the lads looked straight at me and then before I knew what was happening, whipped down his trousers, whipped out his...thing and then proceeded to do what I can only describe as a helicopter motion.

So last night, I watched an hour and a half of rugby, which for me was an absolute first. 
I couldn't even tell you if it was rugby league or union. 
I do know what a conversion is now though, which honestly, I am so proud of.

Additional to the actual rugby, I also saw lots of people dressed up like Where's Wally, one of the Leeds Uni cheerleaders fall over in the middle of their routine, a fight in one of the other stands, one guy that stood next to me and sang "shoes off, if you love Leeds Met" who then took off his shoes and stood on the wet ground, one somersaulting streaker,  three other regular streakers (all of which ran around a bit and then got rugby tackled to the ground) and a guy about 10 meters from who weed into an empty cup on the floor and then threw his wee over one of his mates.
Again, vile.
Seriously, I could not make this stuff up.

But believe or not, despite all of those things, I actually had a pretty good time.
I won't ever go again though.

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