Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What the doctor ordered

And when I say what the doctor ordered, I actually mean what Ross ordered.
Today was overwhelming.
Another early morning of getting up in the dark (I hate that!), 
another morning of work, 
another afternoon in the library, 
another intense session of thrashing out ideas for my dissertation, 
and an sweep over of pressure knowing that if I want to keep a promise to myself, I have to work harder than ever. 

So when I got home and I was playing at been a full blown Negative Nancy - again -  
Ross hugged me, rubbed my shoulders, made me dinner and told me to go and watch a cookery programme whilst I have a bath. (That man knows me well)
Throw in a couple of bath bombs, a scented candle and an early night and you've concocted a sure fire way of making me relax. 

Also, when did I get to be old? 

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  1. You know what i've been having similar thoughts!!  I have no idea how to even begin to start my mound of uni work!! I feel like I need to do it now but I have no idea what to do because i've only been there for three weeks!!!!! When did my life go by so fast? I don't have enough time to do everything I need! Between working, cleaning, cooking, looking after the child (J), sorting the bills out and renovating where does uni work come in, it's like the most important thing right now and I just don't know how to deal with it and what on earth is 'me' time. I need the whole 24 hours to fit it all in, no sleep included. Life's hard at times, and no one ever tells you how hard it flipping is. We graduate in like way less than a year, and it's scaring me, one, because I REALLY want an AMAZING grade, and my work this year depends on it and right now that grade seems a million miles away because I feel like I'm not doing enough, even though I can't do much at all because I DON"T KNOW ENOUGH, and two, then i'll be even OLDER! I'll be too OLD! Bath time is an amazing place as an old person haha, its literally the only time we get these days, and apparently it doesn't get much better. Yikes, i'm not sure I can fit much more in. xxxxx