Monday, 10 October 2011

Sometimes Mondays suck

Today hasn't been a bad day. 
But it also hasn't been that great.
It's just been blah.
So when Ross got home from work and I was being a full blown Negative Nancy, he took it upon himself to try and cheer me up.
So we went to McDonald's.
You know, that place where dreams come true and people are so happy that they sing instead of speak?
That's what the McDonald's closest to us in like.
(By the way, this is a completely pointless story of immaturity)
So to make us both crack a smile, after we were finished using the drinks machine, Ross cheekily turned it off.
Then we sat at a table close by that gave us a pretty clear view of said drinks machine.
Two minutes later a woman came to fill up her drink, pressed the button and nothing happened.
So she pressed it again, this time harder.
So she pressed it again.
Then she tried a different button.
Still nothing.
By this point, Ross & I were creasing up, like absolute kids.
So the woman calls a worker over who tries pressing every.single.button on the machine.
None of them work.
We see confusion in his eyes and he calls over his manager.
He tries pressing every single button and not a drop comes out of the machine.
By now, we're actually lol-ing, for reals and people are staring as us, including the two McDonald's workers and the now very thirsty lady.

It took them a good five minutes to figure out that the machine wasn't even turned on. 
But those five minutes of flat out immaturity were just what I needed to make my Monday good again.

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