Monday, 17 October 2011

Suivez-moi: No heat curls

As an unrelated slightly related side note, can we just begin by agreeing the curlz is possibly one of the most annoying fonts EVER. 
It's right up there with comic sans.
Oh, how I detest (can anyone tell I had a French class today?) comic sans. 
It's the go-to font of old people that are trying to be down with the kids.

Anyway, now that my little font rant is over, let me share with you the secret of how to curl your hair without using any heat!
I promise, it will change your life.
I only learnt about it on Friday, and I've done it every day since. 
See, life changing.

First off, you need hair clean hair that is probably about 85-90% dry.
(Side note, I also tried this with day old dry hair and it worked too, but not as well.)
Picture one is me with 90% dry hair (and no make-up!) in case you hadn't figured that one out.

Next, you need an elastic head band. Preferably a plain one.
Then you put the head band around your head in a 1920s flapper style.
Basically, that means put the thing straight across your forehead.

Then you take about an inch section of hair and wrap it once round your head band.
After you've done it once around, you add in a little extra hair and wrap it around again. 
Then you just keep going until all of your hair is wrapped around the band.
At this point (pictures 2&3) you feel like a mix between a legit 1920s flapper and Princess Leia, 
which is a pretty strange combination. 
You'll feel like wielding a lightsaber (with added sound effects of course) and simultaneously doing the charleston. 

Then you can either sleep on it or leave it for a few hours and give it a blast with a hair dryer.
Last, but obvious thing, you just need to pull the head band out, and voila.
Don't be alarmed if it first you have some serious 1970s flicks going on! 
Just brush through it with your fingers and twirl your hair into more defined curls.
And your done.

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